Like a wandering conductor with no orchestra, Monsieur Shwill merges orchestral grandeur with electronica and cinematic overtones to create a new breed of trip-hop

Symphonic sounds conjure up feelings of pre-modern Paris, but an arsenal of electronic elements combined with vocal collaborations spanning the globe insist otherwise. Monsieur Shwill’s own history is shrouded by his introverted elegance, further confounded by a musical sentimentality that’s inspired by romantic reveries as much as it is modern beat-making.

Spotted in both orchestral overtures and dingy dives, he pulls inspiration from the continuously transient time and place he often finds himself. Straddling past and present, Monsieur Shwill’s music inspires introspection while tipping the scales of nostalgia for a time that’s both long gone but not yet arrived.

Much like his boundless moniker, the unique and evocative sound created by Louis Raveton, the man behind Monsieur Shwill, was heavily inspired while living outside of his native Paris.

Raveton cut his teeth in Poland as part of Warsaw’s hip-hop collective DSW (Dwie Strony Wisly) in 2005, before moving to Barcelona in 2009. There, he continued his journey towards creating a trip-hop infused universive, adding orchestral and cinematic elements to create a signature downtempo sound that culminated in a three-volume EP debut in 2017, Hangover in C Minor. After his debut, Raveton took his cinematic propensities even further and started composing music for film and theatre in 2018.

His first album, slated for release early 2020, evolves on his signature atmospheric and cinematic sound by adding influences from artists spanning Colombia, Argentina, France and Spain. Collaborators on his latest EP include Jahen Oarsman, Monica Mussungo, Sol Escobar, Eva Byele, Edgar Sekloka, Yasmeen Quintana and Sophie Grant.